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What happened to the Facilitator Hub?

In October 2017, we retired the old Facilitator Hub and replaced it with the Pachamama Alliance Global Commons.

Where’s everything that was in the Facilitator Hub?

Everything is now in the Pachamama Alliance Global Commons, our new online community. There, you can find all the resources you need to put on a Symposium, post an event to recruit attendees, and connect with other Facilitators for support and guidance. And for Communities, you can create or join a group to organize with your Community’s members and share information quickly.

See the quick links to the right for the most popular resources you may need to access.

What is the Global Commons?

The Global Commons is an online community where you can meet people from all over the world who are passionate about creating a new future for humanity.

Not only does it have the resources you need, the Global Commons is also a place to collaborate with people locally or from across the world to generate solutions to the obstacles standing in the way of creating a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling world.

Why the Change?

In order to create the future we want, it will take collaboration, exchanging of ideas, and action. It will take all of us. We created the Global Commons to make it easier for Facilitators to connect with other Facilitators, and other people participating with Pachamama Alliance’s educational programs from anywhere in the world.

With all the tools you need to host Symposiums, connect with Pachamama Alliance Communities, sign up for calls and events, and connect with other game changers world-wide, this online community exists to better facilitate changing the dream of the modern world.

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In order to have the full experience of the Global Commons, you will need to register. In the meantime, here is where you can find the most popular resources that are now in the Global Commons.